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Our Mission


KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS is a mission-driven organization dedicated to building and protecting a keto verified food supply. We do this through consumer education and outreach programs; marketing support provided to KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS brands.


We Certify The World’s Leading Brands & Startups

KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS is the market leader for keto advocacy and is one of the fastest growing labels in the retail sector. We offer North America’s most trusted third-party verification for ketogenic food and products. The KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS is a consensus-based document crafted with the insight from dozens of industry experts, reflecting a dynamic range of perspectives.


What Makes Us Different?

We have created and grown brands in the food and beverage space for a combined 20 years. So we understand exactly what it’s like to grow your brand. We have the lowest fees, simplest application process and we never punish you for growing your business. Other certification companies are either not legit at all or the ones that are legit, charge you more for making more top-line revenue. We think that is crazy and unfair. So we don’t do that. Our pricing model is simple. Zero Dollar. That’s it! No hidden fees and no punishing you for growing a great brand. The KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS logo helps your customers know that you are a brand that they can trust for ketogenic nutrition.