Food & Beverage Certifications: Good, Bad & Terrible

The Industry Has A Ton Of Certifications

How many do you ask? Well, we didn’t want to count that high. However, there are only a few that really matter. Of course you have the old staples like USDA Organic Certified, Gluten-Free Certified, Kosher/Halal Certifications and Vegan Certifications.

Then you have some newer legit ones like The Non-GMO Project and KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS. Outside of those, there are also many bad actors – including in the keto space. We won’t name them individually, but you can figure it out for yourself. Some of these certifications even ask to take a fee as a percentage of your sales! That is absolutely insane. Theft really.


Why Are Other Certifications So Complex and Expensive?

Here at KETO ISO CERTIFICATIONS, we decided to take that problem head on. With a simple and affordable keto certification for big brands and startups. The reason other keto certifications are so complex is because they want you to pay more fees. They charge you more because they build in unnecessary complexity.

What else do the other keto certification companies do? They also charge you more the more successful your brand becomes. In our opinion that is just not right. It doesn’t matter how much revenue you make, your certification cost should stay the same. You should never be punished by your certification company by growing you brand. We understand how hard it is to capture revenue and scale your products because we have actually grown CPG brands.

It helps to partner with a certification company that has experience creating and growing brands like yours.